Sunday, October 21, 2007

GMail: 42GB Free Storage by 2038

Gmail just revised their storage estimates for the next 1449 years. Googlified dug around in the code and discovered that you’ll be getting a tiny increase to 2912MB on Friday, 4.2GB by October 23, 6GB by January 4 2008, 42GB by 2038 and 2.70266701 × 1072 TB by 3456. Google has since since confirmed by on the Gmail blog that the counter’s speed has been increased.
Meanwhile, the paid storage is also getting a bump: $20 used to buy you 6GB extra, but it will now get you 10GB. The other prices are 40GB for $75/year, 150GB for $250/year and 400GB for $500/year.
This is reassuring: Google is going to keep increasing the free storage despite having a paid plan they could push users over to. If you’re just about to exceed the limit on your Gmail account and you’re planning to add paid storage, it may be worth holding on for 11 more days. And somehow I don’t think 42GB will be considered very much by 2038: I expect we’ll be talking in terabytes by then.


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