Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Retirement age issue!

The said proposal of the punjab govt. to increase the retirement age of its employees to 60 is meant to mainly benefit the PCS (Punjab Civil Services) and other higher officiating lobby of employees who are bound in the near future to get promoted to make them equivalent to IAS officers.

The old employees shall be drawing a salary much higher than that might be given to their job seeking, enthusiastic young colleagues. Raising the retirement age to 60 years cannot be justified due to the unemployment problem in Punjab. Today, a retiring employee gets about Rs 20,000 as monthly salary without having adequate work in the office. If a person’s services are required after his/ her superannuation, why can’t the government engage him for Rs 5,000 a month on contract basis instead of continuing him for a salary of Rs 20, 000 a month for two more years?

So I don't think if there is any financial or potential gain in increasing the age limit. Instead, the government should propagate VRS to the oldies in order to provide job opportunities to the youth.

Moreover I think the government is now under catch 22 situation. If they go for the increase in age limit, they will loose the vote bank of youths and if they don't do it now, they will loose the confidence of the anticipating employees and the implementation of 6-9-14 promotion scheme (which means assured promotion after 6, 9 and 14 years of job) will only add another reason not to work to the lousy attitude of the state government employee. The promotion should be based on merit and not seniority!


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