Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Media - To Aware or To Scare!

During my school days i was told that there are mainly two powers that exists:
  • Power of sWORD
  • Power of WORD
And like me there are lot many individuals who use the latter. But the "Power" has lost its sense and it has now become a money making tool.
I have heard of many cases where the press correspondents (or miscreants) cash upon their profession by blackmailing the individuals. The Indian Health ministry has been very well running its "Anti Female Foeticide" campaigns, but there are still some Ultra-Sound centers across India, who sonograph the patient and disclose the sex of the "unborn" and there are some tehalka scandals going on in the background. After a few minutes of sonograph, you will find a correspondent approaching the doctor and showing him the video shot using a hidden camera. Now this correspondent wants a handsome money to keep his mouth shut.
Its not only this. You will find people giving threats to some others on the behalf of having good relations with some press correspondent, and getting the things done in their favour. You have some problem with the school or college management, restaurant food not upto the mark, not satisfied with the fuel station, problem with the local administration, just go and get a buddy from press and your problem is solved.
No doubt the person who is being threatened, he himself might be guilty, but when you use your power in the wrong direction, you yourself become even a bigger guilty!


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