Wednesday, January 18, 2006


During prime time, when the whole family is sitting together and watching with great concentration some stupid 'K......' family soap, you will find "Ab beti ki suraksha har maa ki zimewari" (Now it is the responsibility of the mother to look after her daughter during the mensuration cycle) or the stupid sarkari family planning advertisement popping up and you will try to change the topic and start talking about something else!!
Where is the media heading towards and it wants the society to grow up and adopt this kind of attitude.
Now when you try to change the channel and to your utmost embarrasment here comes Kohinoor luxury condom. Oho..! What is this doesn't they have anything else to show and advertise about. Yes! they do have a heap of surrogated advertisment from Set Wet hair styling gel to Hanes under garments and plenty of others following the surrogated advertisement trend from the liquor industry.
Is that how we want to sell the product, and generate awareness in the society?


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