Monday, January 16, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006 Schedule

Group A
DateMatchCity - Venue
09/06/2006Germany vs Costa RicaMunich - FIFA World Cup Stadium
09/06/2006Poland vs EcuadorGelsenkirchen - FIFA World Cup Stadium
14/06/2006 Germany vs PolandDortmund - Westfalenstadion
15/06/2006Ecuador vs Costa RicaHamburg - FIFA World Cup Stadium
20/06/2006Costa Rica vs Poland Hanover - FIFA World Cup Stadium
20/06/2006Ecuador vs GermanyBerlin - Olympiastadion

Group B
DateMatchCity - Venue
10/06/2006England vs ParaguayFrankfurt - Waldstadion
10/06/2006Trinidad and Tobago vs SwedenDortmund - Westfalenstadion
15/06/2006 England vs Trinidad and TobagoNuremberg - Frankenstadion
15/06/2006Sweden vs ParaguayBerlin - Olympiastadion
20/06/2006Paraguay vs Trinidad and TobagoKaiserslautern - Fritz-Walter-Stadion
20/06/2006Sweden vs EnglandCologne - FIFA World Cup Stadium

Group C
DateMatchCity - Venue
10/06/2006Argentina vs C�te d'IvoireHamburg - FIFA World Cup Stadium
11/06/2006Serbia and Montenegro vs NetherlandsLeipzig - Zentralstadion
16/06/2006Argentina vs Serbia and MontenegroGelsenkirchen - FIFA World Cup Stadium
16/06/2006Netherlands vs C�te d'IvoireStuttgart - Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion
21/06/2006C�te d'Ivoire vs Serbia and MontenegroMunich - FIFA World Cup Stadium
21/06/2006Netherlands vs ArgentinaFrankfurt - Waldstadion

Group D
Date MatchCity - Venue
11/06/2006Mexico vs IranNuremberg - Frankenstadion
11/06/2006Angola vs PortugalCologne - FIFA World Cup Stadium
16/06/2006Mexico vs AngolaHanover - FIFA World Cup Stadium
17/06/2006Portugal vs IranFrankfurt - Waldstadion
21/06/2006Iran vs AngolaLeipzig - Zentralstadion
21/06/2006Portugal vs MexicoGelsenkirchen - FIFA World Cup Stadium

Group E
Date MatchCity - Venue
12/06/2006Italy vs GhanaHanover - FIFA World Cup Stadium
12/06/2006USA vs Czech RepublicGelsenkirchen - FIFA World Cup Stadium
17/06/2006Italy vs USAKaiserslautern - Fritz-Walter-Stadion
17/06/2006Czech Republic vs GhanaCologne - FIFA World Cup Stadium
22/06/2006Ghana vs USANuremberg - Frankenstadion
22/06/2006Czech Republic vs ItalyHamburg - FIFA World Cup Stadium

Group F
Date MatchCity - Venue
13/06/2006Brazil vs CroatiaBerlin - Olympiastadion
12/06/2006Australia vs JapanKaiserslautern - Fritz-Walter-Stadion
18/06/2006Brazil vs AustraliaMunich - FIFA World Cup Stadium
18/06/2006Japan vs CroatiaNuremberg - Frankenstadion
22/06/2006Croatia vs AustraliaStuttgart - Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion
22/06/2006Japan vs BrazilDortmund - Westfalenstadion

Group G
Date MatchCity - Venue
13/06/2006France vs SwitzerlandStuttgart - Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion
13/06/2006Korea Republic vs TogoFrankfurt - Waldstadion
18/06/2006France vs Korea RepublicLeipzig - Zentralstadion
19/06/2006Togo vs SwitzerlandDortmund - Westfalenstadion
23/06/2006Switzerland vs Korea RepublicHanover - FIFA World Cup Stadium
23/06/2006Togo vs FranceCologne - FIFA World Cup Stadium

Group H
Date MatchCity - Venue
14/06/2006Spain vs UkraineLeipzig - Zentralstadion
14/06/2006Tunisia vs Saudi ArabiaMunich - FIFA World Cup Stadium
19/06/2006Spain vs TunisiaStuttgart - Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion
19/06/2006Saudi Arabia vs UkraineHamburg - FIFA World Cup Stadium
23/06/2006Ukraine vs TunisiaBerlin - Olympiastadion
23/06/2006Saudi Arabia vs SpainKaiserslautern - Fritz-Walter-Stadion

Rounds of Sixteen
Date MatchCity - Venue
24/06/2006RS1 - Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group BMunich - FIFA World Cup Stadium
24/06/2006RS2 - Winner Group C vs Runner Up Group D Leipzig - Zentralstadion
25/06/2006RS3 - Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group AStuttgart - Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion
25/06/2006RS4 - Winner Group D vs Runner Up Group CNuremberg - Frankenstadion
26/06/2006RS5 - Winner Group E vs Runner Up Group FKaiserslautern - Fritz-Walter-Stadion
26/06/2006 RS6 - Winner Group G vs Runner Up Group HCologne - FIFA World Cup Stadium
27/06/2006RS7 - Winner Group F vs Runner Up Group EDortmund - Westfalenstadion
27/06/2006RS8 - Winner Group H vs Runner Up Group GHanover - FIFA World Cup Stadium

Quarter Finals
DateMatchCity - Venue
30/06/2006QF1 - Winner RS1 vs Winner RS2Berlin - Olympiastadion
30/06/2006QF2 - Winner RS5 vs Winner RS6Hamburg - FIFA World Cup Stadium
01/07/2006QF3 - Winner RS3 vs Winner RS4Gelsenkirchen - FIFA World Cup Stadium
01/07/2006QF4- Winner RS7 vs Winner RS8Frankfurt - Waldstadion

Semi Finals
Date MatchCity - Venue
04/06/2006SF1 - Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2Dortmund - Westfalenstadion
05/06/2006SF2 - Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4Munich - FIFA World Cup Stadium

3rd Place
DateMatchCity - Venue
08/06/2006Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2Stuttgart - Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion

Date MatchCity - Venue
09/06/2006Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2Berlin - Olympiastadion

If you further want detailed schedule kindly download or view Complete match schedule


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