Sunday, October 30, 2005

Should India forget about PoK?

I guess India should stop intervening more into PoK matters and stop this half a century old battle. Let PoK (AJK) be given autonomous status and itself decide about its future, and its association. Now as because of the huge human loss caused due to earthquake, the borders has already been opened. Now this is the most appropriate time to shake the hands and make a history!

India should stop prodigal spending on defence budget and invest that in infrastructural development and generate employement opportunities for the millions unemployed graduates!!! When it comes to India vs. China, the bitter fact is India will take another 5 years to come to a level which china is already at today. At after another five years china will be moving high up!

When china was liberalized the first thing the government did was infrastructural development, so it was an obvious reason for the FDIs to make a quick flow in China as compare to India where the Foreign companies are being invited to make infrastructural development!!

If India has to move ahead of times, it has to setup a huge infrastructural development system and stop making useless investment in defence.

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